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This book is a story. But a diary—from 2017 to 2019. With the conclusion, the final chapter based on my life in 2020. The book primarily documents my experience as a driver of the frequently used ride-hailing apps… My life experiences, and why's along my way.

I created a lot of content along the way. So check out my YouTube page. And check out my podcast for the book, ‘Hi, Andrew?! My Journey’, which is available on all major platforms. The YouTube and SoundCloud links are available on the sidebar.

This is my story...

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Turn the audio on here, or in the sidebar! Alternatively, play one of my podcasts or videos and have a scroll through my website… My journey in images.

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Central America and the Caribbean

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A review of Andrew's drivingA review of Andrew's drivingA review of Andrew's drivingA review of Andrew's driving
A review of Andrew's drivingA review of Andrew's drivingA review of Andrew's drivingA review of Andrew's driving


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Home is where the heart is


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The Team Ghana EU project (click here to see and find out what I’ve been working on)

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To all the riders and other drivers I met along the way. And to my friends and family, thank you!
Own a piece of my journey...
As a part of my book launch, I am releasing NFT’s for people to be a part of, share, and own my book—my journey. All NFT holders will receive an early release of the book, and an opportunity review the book—as well as receive dividends from its sales.

To find out more, click the NFT link which will detail the roadmap. But join our discord group with other riders and drivers where you will hear this information first—as well as riders and drivers sharing their funny, interesting, and amazing stories. Including tips and knowledge of the job.